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Resistance Testing

Below is a chart showing the resistance of Monocoat Oil finish to a wide range of damaging materials. The spot test was performed two months after applying the Monocoat Oil on an oak panel. Shown are damage evaluations for one hour, six hours and 24 hours after the spots were made.

  1. Damaging the surface and/or product is pealing off.
  2. Significant damage to the color and/or the gloss.
  3. Average damage to the color and/or the gloss.
  4. Slight damage to the color and/or the gloss.
  5. No visible damage.

No attempt was made to ameliorate the damage or clean the spot after it was applied, as one would normally do. This is a test of the finish's resistance. For example, if wine were spilled during dinner or a party, normally an effort would be made to clean it reasonably promptly. This test shows (line one) that even after 24 hours the wine stain was fully resisted by the oil finish and produced no damage.